Cantucci Choc Biscotti

Cantucci Choc Biscotti
Cantucci Choc Biscotti
Cantucci Choc Biscotti
Cantucci Choc. That’s the greedy version of famous almond cookies. These are the classic twice-baked Italian biscuits but with chocolate drops, dried fruit and almonds.
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These are very famous biscuits, with a dry texture, and are highly suitable to round off a meal as an accompaniment to fine "passito” wines. A dry biscuit suitable all year round. Chocolate drops, dried fruit and almonds, indulgent biscuits to tickle your palate. They are hard and dry, which makes them perfect for dunking in coffee and can also be served with tea or dessert wine. This cantucci recipe is a perfect solution for gift giving.
Since these are baked twice (bis-cotto = twice cooked) they are dry biscuits – so if they stored around for a week before you give them away they are still perfect. Stored in a sealed container these almond cookies last for several weeks.

  • plain flour, baking powder, caster sugar, vanilla sugar, salt, butter, fresh eggs, roasted almonds, dark chopped chocolate, dried fruit.
  • No preservatives and additives.
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