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Cooking Class


Our bakery school is deemed to be one of the most significant in the current cooking training landscape.

We've been training and sharing the precepts of “eating well” over the last ten years. Yeast, salt and flour are key ingredients that have to be measured out properly. One section is fully dedicated to the pizza lovers, to those who amuse themselves baking with mother yeast or compressed yeast and to those who are crazy over muffins. Another section allows those who are willing to learn more about baking to start off with rudiments: basic doughs, custards and small biscuits. And lastly this same section will also suit those who love desserts, baked and risen products, breakfast and snack recipes.  

The total length of the classes is specified in each section and it ranges from four hours to three days. At the end of the class you will enjoy tasting everything that has been prepared while sipping beer or wine.

Throughout the years we’ve been giving many classes, always trying to achieve three main objectives: a theoretical and practical cooking knowledge, creating a safe environment where people can spend time together to get along and share and, at last but not least, rediscovering homemade and healthy eating. Our classes are addressed to a wide age range of students; our schedule of classes also includes several courses specifically thought for children.

Our classes’ duration may either cover just one day or more days (i.e. our baking class). On average, most of them are 4 hour long classes, including lunch or dinner at the end of the training day. You will find all of our cooking classes in our calendar or by downloading our schedule of classes.

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